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          Tower Crane

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          Tower Crane

          The tower crane is a product used at major construction sites for vertical and horizontal transportation applications. It consists of lifting, slewing, luffing and jacking mechanisms, which can work respectively or together for higher efficiency. The jacking mechanism is used to make the tower rise or descend. The lifting mechanism adopts a multi-speed motor to realize fast speed, medium speed and slow speed, so it can be used in different working conditions. The slewing and luffing mechanisms are very reliable and operate easily and quickly.

          The tower crane is equipped with many protection devices to ensure safe operation, such as a lifting load limiter, moment limiter, lifting height limiter, trolley travel limiter, and slewing limiter. Rest platform and guardrails are also available. The cab independently located on the side is spacious, aesthetically pleasing, easy to operate, and offers the driver great visibility.

          QTZ20 Tower Crane Structure Drawing

          QTZ20 Tower Crane Attached Height Drawing

          Technical Performance Table

          Lifting moment 200KN.m
          Max. rated lifting capacity 2000kg
          Valid working range 2.5-30m
          Rated lifting weight at max. working range 650kg
          Valid lifting height 29.5m
          Lifting speed 6.2/13.35/18.69/26.7m/min
          Jiggling falling speed <7m/min
          Luffing speed 22/33m/min
          Slewing speed 0.76/0.38r/min
          Structure deadweight 10838kg
          Balance weight 3470kg
          Base 24630kg
          Underbed span 3.847×3.847m

          Lifting Performance Table

          Working range, m 2.5-11.68 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          Lifting weight, kg 2000 1937 1815 1703 1601 1500 1410 1340 1265 1201
          Working range, m 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
          Lifting weight, kg 1167 1120 1089 1055 1002 901 820 750 678 650

          Shangdong Yongli Group is a specialized tower crane manufacturer and supplier based in China. We offer tower crane, trailer concrete pump, inner climbing tower crane, concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, and other construction machinery.

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